Face and Shades

My passion for the beauty industry started in my teens and it’s only grown with time. My ability is to see the inner beauty of my clients, guide them to showcase and transcend that beauty outward with a hairstyle, color treatment and permanent make up is great reward.

Patricia GZ

My focus is on my client’s healthy and positive view of themselves when they look in the mirror. Whether the motivation is self-reward, a deep feeling to regain a part of you from illness past or to aid against the villain of aging, I consider myself the guide and you the hero.

I am Brazilian born, 25 years of experience and my skill set are undebatable as I have studied, practiced and certified my craft in 3 different countries. I am a LICENCED professional from the State of Kansas. My focus is on my client’s root core desire to wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and love the beautiful hero I see in you.